We are


What we do

We can help you design and develop web and mobile platforms. Our broad expertise allow us to work with 3rd party as well as custom-made web-apps, eCommerce solutions, and API integrations. We can also provide you with backends & CRMs to manage it all. In the mobile department, we are proficient in the use of iOS and Android native programming language, which means that our apps can use the full extent of the phone's features and hardware capabilities. Video playback, streaming, image gallery preview and social features are all words we deal with on a daily basis.

How we do it

First we listen and observe, then we apply what we know to solve your problems. As an IT Consulting company our goal is beyond the development of software itself. Our job is to understand your needs, and to come up with a solution that works now, in a reasonable timeframe, and is scalable in the future. That is Oxeanic.