We are


What we do

We help you devise, design and develop web and mobile applications. On the web side, we can help you achieve your goals and materialise your dreams by creating specific and custom-made web-apps, eCommerce platforms, proprietary APIs as well as integration with 3rd-party APIs integrations, and backends & CRMs manage it all. On mobile, we strive for challenge and innovation. We can create iOS and Android native apps, help you broadcast your visual and audio content, at the same time we seamlessly integrate them with your web platform. Because at Oxeanic, we can do both.

How we do it

Firstly by listening and observing, and then by applying extensive know-how and solving your problems, without creating new ones. As an IT Consulting firm our goal is beyond development. We believe Software factories to be an incomplete solution to todays problems. Because even if technically well rounded up, no software will meet your expectations if it isn't conceived understanding what your business is about, and what it requires. Our job is to understand your needs, and to come up with a solution thereafter. That is what Consulting truly means.