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Strategy & Consulting

We will sail together the ocean of doubts and dock safely with everything figured out. Proper strategic planning will put you a step ahead and make future decisions logical and uncomplicated. We gathered experience and saw failures, so you don't have to. As much as we love coding, we want to do it once, and do it properly. That is why we will take the time to analyze and make a plan, investing from the beginning in the most important asset: Time. And compounding this investment into huge savings in the future. Any solution you need is within reach.
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Oxeanic specializes in developing custom-made software. We're knowledgeable about a big variety of programming languages, frameworks, protocols and databases. It could take forever to name them all. What we can do, is assure you that we have the right people and the right knowledge to make your goal come to fruition. Take a look at How we do it to find out more.

Software Development

Mobile Development

In a world where the better part of internet traffic goes through mobile devices, it is imperative to offer comprehensive solutions for both web and mobile platforms. Which is why our team includes experienced iOS and Android developers. Our company, with both web and mobile developers under the same roof, offers a serious competitive advantage over hiring two separate teams to carry out the same job. Because mobile and web teams will always be in sync. You will save time and money.

A finished project is something we can take pride in. However, that is rarely where the work ends. In an ever-changing world, every product evolves and requires tweaking once live. For this reason we provide I.T. Staffing services as well as Production Support, being experienced in setting up teams to assist maintenance as well as new feature development in enterprise software.

I.T. Staffing and Production Support