Finding "how"
Achieving "when" is our art

Our past

From our start in Argentina, to our current worldwide reach, we have a long story to tell. We are proud to have taken part in successful projects and having helped companies and entrepreneurs reach their goals. Sometimes in specific projects and sometimes with ongoing business relationships, maintenance and production support.

Our present

Mauro Perelstein

Founder & CEO

Dimitar Mitov


Mauro and Dimitar are each responsible for a different area of the company and together will ensure seamless collaboration and results.

Based in Bulgaria, an efficient internet outsourcing location, we possess global reach and proud ourselves in working in different timezones, having gained experience in making that time difference an advantage.

We also like visiting our clients periodically, anywhere they are.

Our future

We want to broaden our horizons to new technologies, and get involved with new industries, not only to learn about the technology, but from dissimilar business realities.

Dive our portfolio

We hope you understand that due to confidentiality agreements we can’t publicly display our current or previous clients. Please schedule a call with us, and we will be more than happy to show you some of those corporate clients, startups and government agencies who we have worked with.