About us

Our history

We began our journey in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We have grown with our clients and are now Europe-based providing consulting and development services to clients all over the world. We take pride when we can play a role in our client's success stories. We are now at a new growth stage, in a world that never slows down, and excited to be involved in new projects.

Our team

Mauro Perelstein image

Mauro Perelstein

Founder and CEO
Violina Koleva image

Violina Koleva


Passionate professionals who never turn down a good challenge. We are based in Bulgaria, a highly regarded location for IT Companies in Europe. From here, we reach globally. We work with clients in different timezones, and we always aim to make the time difference work in our favor. What some may see as a drawback, we make it our advantage.

We love to meet our clients in person and like visit them periodically in their locations, regardless of where they are.

Our vision

Although this world keeps finding ways to surprise us all, we know for a fact that our plan is to never slow down. To grow our team and to be involved with ever more challenging projects. We will measure our success by the feedback we receive from our clients.