About us

Our history

Our origins trace back to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where a decade ago, our founder, Mauro Perelstein, begun a trip into turning a small software firm into a global business in both software development and consulting. We have grown with our clients and matured with time. We are proud of our clients success stories and the role we had in them. We are now at a new growth stage, in a world that never slows down, and excited to hear about new projects.

Our team

Mauro Perelstein image

Mauro Perelstein

Founder and CEO
Violina Koleva image

Violina Koleva

Hristiyan Lukanov image

Hristiyan Lukanov

Head of Development

Our team is composed of passionate professionals who strive for success and never turn down a good challenge. We are based in Bulgaria, a highly regarded location for IT Companies in Europe. From here, we reach globally. We proud ourselves in working in many timezones, making the difference in time work to our advantage.

We also visit our clients periodically, wherever they may be.

Our vision

We want to broaden our horizons and apply new technologies to old problems. And of course to deal with the new problems as they come. We want to look further and deeper than any IT company has ever before, to not only add value by creating solutions, but also to learn about dissimilar business realities that enrich our understanding of the world.